How to Manage the Proper Care and Feeding of Your Muse

Every morning, I read. I venture into newsletters, writer websites, news, and literary offerings. I meander the expanse of words on the internet. Why? Feeding the Muse I’m searching for the glint of an idea, a combustible fragment eager to set ablaze my Muse. What I find exuberates me [...]


Seasons and Life–Both Bring Change and Hope

The leaves fall. A cool breeze offers relief from the last hot days of lingering summer. Every year, without fail, we follow this cycle of change, hardly noticing the nuance of each new winter, spring, summer, and fall. Some winters come with snow (a rarity in Southeast Texas) or [...]


The Moon: A Story of Mystery, Hope, and Wonder

“It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.” —Carol Anne Duffy Nature holds many fascinations, like the moon that revolves around the earth that revolves around the sun within a galaxy among known and unknown galaxies. When, where, how did the music of a universe begin, and what undisclosed [...]


How to Do Nothing and Still Live a More Meaningful Life

The very thought of doing nothing runs counter to everything my dad taught me. His favorite admonition when we looked too idle always began with, “Are just going to sit around when there is work to be done?” Maybe that’s why Jenny O’Dell’s How to Do Nothing: Resisting the [...]


How Do You Capture Shivers? Feeling and Seeing the Seasons

Winter Clouds mask the earth cold, wet, haze no wind Stillness shivers, hours pass no sun, shadows minutes stretch Aimlessly one after another trees stand silent guarding stillness Four blackbirds seek refuge waiting, haunting, invisible to gloom  Endless grey encompasses all while I caress winter Thoughts Where I live [...]

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