You Ask, “What Is It That Makes You Come Alive?”

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” — Howard Thurman Come Alive With pencil and tablet, I walk out to the pasture around grandma’s house keeping an eye open [...]


Every Morning, Birds Announce a New Day—I’m in Awe

Birds Singing Birds singing— I follow the sound to find joy . . . Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone. —Lawrence Ferlinghetti And always— Be kind. Be brave. Be you. You can find me on Instagram, Bluesky, Facebook, and LinkedIn Photos © Kathryn [...]


The Wind Blows—What We Hope to Learn from Dandelions

Wind Blows Wind blows dandelions send life floating onward words spoken leech into our lives touching. . . . Poetry is the best words in the best order. —Samuel Coleridge If you are a writer, you know the feeling when words float in the air unwilling to move [...]


Living on the Edge in Dreams and One Day at a Time

Living on the Edge Tumbling head first off the jagged rocks into an unknown abyss feet flailing, arms reaching empty-handed into the air. I do not like the edge. Heart beats fast as sweat finds a home between skin and sheets. In the darkness, I ponder the consistent recurring [...]


Possible—How Much Are You Willing to See and Never Forget?

I dwell in things possible I dwell in things possible Of poems more than prose Where all the world’s A window letting in Where doors send out The pines stare with Impregnable eyes Searching for rooftops In the gambrels of An open Sky Oh, should visitors Embrace this invitation [...]


Delight in Daisies, Children, Sunsets, and Never Letting Go

Delight Daisies smile leaning toward the sun as playful laughs echo in the wind. These moments of delight embrace a wounded heart. All is never lost. A spark, a hope, a gentleness clings never letting go. The scent of roses fills the air as the sun sets majestically, an [...]


Why Windows Open the Mind to Our Better Selves

Windows Open the Mind Always looking, waiting for beauty and peace of children laughing and playing, dangling feet from a swing ever ready to leap finding new adventures grey skies and blue harbor moments of insight, joy, knowing that all of life is meant to place me in the [...]


How Perspective Changes Everything from Day to Day

Two Perspectives Symphony Birds sing outside my door a mini symphony to delight and lighten the soul— I breathe. The Dull Drone The dull drone of the doves broke the peaceful morning, disturbing the muse, silencing all words. . . . Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful [...]

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