A mother’s love . . .

I watched him playing in the sand dunes and running through the waves. His hair blowing softly in the wind. Free from any of the worries that plague the grown ups. I wanted desperately to stop time—to hold this moment—in my mind—forever. Love does that.

Waves rolling onto the shore on a hot summer day leave bits of shells and sand. Children roll into our lives and leave bits of memories, treasures we clasp tightly. You want to shield them from hurt. Protect them from—everything.

Instead, you watch. You give them space to find life on their terms. And, you learn to let go.

The Boy in the Green Shirt

Tall, gangly,

full of curiosity

and anxious to

taste all.

Eyes bright

eager to discover

how the world will

greet him.

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

Photo: Alexandra Koch from Pixabay