A Little About Me . . .

My passion? Kindness.

My why? I’m a storyteller weaving words and images to touch the heart of the world with kindness, courage, and wholeness.

My professional journey has taken me down varied paths. I’ve travelled from classroom teacher to champion for the transformation of schools and work places.

Now, I focus on writing, photography, and making the world a brighter place for others. In every role, I have one constant — remain a learner.

You can usually find me engrossed in a book, more than likely non-fiction. I am always searching the skies and surroundings for the perfect photo. When the house is quiet, I may sing loudly, strum my guitar, or rock the walls with a bit of Beethoven on the piano.

But my favorite? Spending time with the people who make each day the best. They make me a better person.

Still curious? “What If, You Knew a Little More About Me?”

Picture of Kathryn LeRoy

You can find me and my work here:

Jane Goodall quotation superimposed on a blue sky with scattered clouds of grey and peach

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