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Transformation can appear daunting; the myriad of resources, tools, and methodologies can be overwhelming. 

Dr. Kathryn LeRoy understands that organizations often need a place to begin the process of transformation.

She sets a foundation for taking the first steps and gives readers the encouragement to persist.

Dr. Trent Beach, Healthcare Leader

Kathryn LeRoy deeply understands the essential and critical role of processes in an organization.  

Through research-based principles and real world applications tempered by her own passion for continuous improvement, she very effectively presents a highly readable template for leaders and managers who want to “transform” their organizations. 

Transforming Organizations: One Process at a Time is a must read for any leader or manager who wants to take their organization to the next level and to sustain high performance.

Dr. Bryan Cole , Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University

Dr. LeRoy one of the most knowledgeable and skilled persons I know concerning process understanding, measurement and transforming organizations. 

She truly understands how a commitment to people, purpose and process can create a culture of excellence in any organization.

Dr. Ben Copeland, Deputy Superintendent at Lynchburg City Schools

Transformation of organizations is perhaps one of the most admirable and rewarding journeys a leader can experience – and can be daunting and challenging.  

Kathryn’s book on transforming organizations just might be the compass you need to navigate your path.  

She brings a wealth of personal experience and tips from colleagues and her networks together to offer you a guidebook that may be just what you need to achieve your dreams for your organization, your people, and your own personal goals.   

Genie Wilson Dillon, Quality improvement advisor, manager, and director in manufacturing, healthcare, education, and non-profit

Kathryn LeRoy is a mission-driven change agent.  Her focus on continuous improvement in education will inspire your journey to excellence.

Susan Fumo, Executive Director of School Improvement in Rockford Public Schools

Dr. Kathryn LeRoy worked closely with ESC-20 at the beginning of our performance excellence journey. 

Her knowledge, insight, and practical experience related to continuous improvement and performance excellence was instrumental in laying the foundation for this work in our organization.

Dr. Jeff Goldhorn, Executive Director of Education Service Center, Region 20, San Antonio, Texas

Kathryn humanizes the pursuit of excellence. 

In my experience, continuous improvement efforts are often seen as demanding work:  cold and clinical efforts driven by statistics and analysis. 

Kathryn consistently demonstrates the opposite; her practice shows that the journey towards excellence can be fun, approachable, and incredibly meaningful for those devoted to their organization and its mission.   

Zachary Haines, Chief Technology Officer, Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Dr. LeRoy’s experience and insight can benefit any organization desiring meaningful, sustainable change. 

Sustainable change that will fundamentally move your organization to the next level.

Debra L. Kosarek, 30 years’ experience in both the private and public helping organizations continuously improve

Kathryn LeRoy’s systems, processes and theories are both inspirational and applicable.    

She is a role model for organizational transformation resulting in excellence.

Dr. Kelly Monson, Chief Continuous Improvement Officer, Rockford Public Schools

Kathryn LeRoy has identified some basic practices that ANY leader can put into action right away to transform their organization from mediocrity to excellence.

She brings those practices to life through real life examples that give us the courage to get on the track and stay the course!

Michél Patterson, Senior Executive and Transformation Leader, Principal, Profound Knowledge Consulting LLC

It’s clear to see how Kathryn LeRoy applies strengths developed throughout a rich background in educational administration, adult education, and instructional design and assessment to organizational capacity building in a variety of sectors.

Anna Prow, CEO, Trellis Partners

Dr. Kathryn LeRoy has a passion for excellence. Her book speaks to leaders and anyone who wants to embed continuous improvement in their day-to-day work.

Kathryn helps make the complex topic of performance excellence more practical and possible.

Cynthia St. John, PhD, Chiefology

Kathryn LeRoy is a talented leader and expert in quality management and performance excellence. Her distinguished career ensures her observations are filled with wisdom, experience, and perspective.

Transforming Organizations: One Process at a Time will provide the candid seeker of excellence practical insights that will transform any organization. 

Doug Waldorf, Business and Healthcare Professional

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