Make Yourself a Promise and See What’s Possible

I fumed after reading my doctor’s note following my annual wellness visit. “Lose weight.” His advice? Eat more protein. Been there. I’ve passed through the hallowed halls of every diet plan available. My shelves are full of books, cookbooks, gluten-free, low-calorie, no fat, no sugar, no carbs. No. No. [...]


How a Flashback Can Pave Dreams of Coal Black Hair and Blue Eyes

Flashback Photos flashback in time to a youthful sailor blue eyes and a beguiling smile— Grandpa. Years pass four daughters laugh he walks each down the aisle paving the future with new hope— joyful. Twenty grandchildren come some share his coal-black hair all learning lessons of family— loving. [...]


Possible—How Much Are You Willing to See and Never Forget?

I dwell in things possible I dwell in things possible Of poems more than prose Where all the world’s A window letting in Where doors send out The pines stare with Impregnable eyes Searching for rooftops In the gambrels of An open Sky Oh, should visitors Embrace this invitation [...]


How Perspective Changes Everything from Day to Day

Two Perspectives Symphony Birds sing outside my door a mini symphony to delight and lighten the soul— I breathe. The Dull Drone The dull drone of the doves broke the peaceful morning, disturbing the muse, silencing all words. . . . Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful [...]


Why Time With a Treasured Friend Can Change You

Time with a Friend a priceless gift of listening, sharing, embracing all of life's ups, downs, joy. . . . Music and poetry are transformative tools that connect us to each other and to ourselves. —Mary Pipher I learned early. Friends are not pebbles you collect and hoard [...]

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