Silence Is Found in the Waiting for Stillness

Silence gives the mind a moment of peace, a chance to listen to nothing and everything. Leaving words hanging until a clearer thought breaks through. Silence Sitting between here and now my mind crosses back and forth looking for answers waiting as the silence crowds out words. Meditation requires [...]


An Eagle Majestically Perched on the Dead Branch—Free

Watching from afar I wondered what the eagle perched on the dead tree could see that I could not. Never moving, only turning her head slowly to the left and right. She has come every day this week, and sometimes you can see her circling the lake searching. Then, [...]


Uncertainty: Finding a New Vision after the Darkness

Uncertainty Before the darkness sets on a new horizon, peace will settle over hearts that ponder anew their vision of the dawn. After all the darkness there will be but one light shining along the path. For some two roads appear. Who will say which is right? Now, for [...]

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