Bluebirds — Flocks, Party, or Tidings?

I smiled. Bluebirds splashed in delight. Among the trees and gardens of our two-acre homesite, nature provides daily lessons on the survival of the fittest, squatters' rights, and how wildlife play. We have a Bluebird house in the back, but the Sparrows moved in and Mockingbirds harass both as intruders [...]


Seasons and Life–Both Bring Change and Hope

The leaves fall. A cool breeze offers relief from the last hot days of lingering summer. Every year, without fail, we follow this cycle of change, hardly noticing the nuance of each new winter, spring, summer, and fall. Some winters come with snow (a rarity in Southeast Texas) or [...]


The Moon: A Story of Mystery, Hope, and Wonder

“It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.” —Carol Anne Duffy Nature holds many fascinations, like the moon that revolves around the earth that revolves around the sun within a galaxy among known and unknown galaxies. When, where, how did the music of a universe begin, and what undisclosed [...]

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