Every Morning, Birds Announce a New Day—I’m in Awe

Birds Singing Birds singing— I follow the sound to find joy . . . Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone. —Lawrence Ferlinghetti And always— Be kind. Be brave. Be you. You can find me on Instagram, Bluesky, Facebook, and LinkedIn Photos © Kathryn [...]


How Storms Creep into the Sky Suddenly Sweeping the Landscape

The Storm Flashing in clouds dark and foreboding rumbling and shaking solid ground birds take flight before the storm wind wails a soulful song trees bend kissing ground eyes watch for signs of first drops and then— rain. . . . A poet is, before anything else, a [...]


Life and Death in a Season, Clinging to Bits of Hope

Life and Death in a Season My walks along the garden path become a lesson in nature as green stems pierce the earth promising blooms of yellow. Every day, I measure the growth. Soon long stems emerge among the leaves. I hold my breath—wait. saffron petals face the sun [...]


Two Roses Teach a Lesson in Hopeful Patience

Two Roses Heirloom roses side-by-side flaunting fanciful frills one crimson bud stares longingly my turn not yet your flowering unfolds in time for now you wait patient breaking free  soon keep hope . . . If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it's to deliver people from the [...]


The Gift You Least Expect May Sit Right Outside Your Door

The Gift I noticed tight white buds waiting to burst forth. I watched wondering when the blossom would unfold. On a damp day in in the cold, I met the gaze snowy and silent. Now the blossoms sit on my desk rescued from the rain and wind that knocked it [...]


Coastal Winds Shape the Trees, Strong, Gnarled, Knotty

Coastal Winds Coastal winds whip across the marsh, trees submit, yielding—bent until the limbs gnarl and knot finding strength and hope. . . . Poetry doesn’t have to be hard. It can be about dogs or flowers or death or pigs or laundry. It can be fun or [...]


What Nature Brings Always Astounds the Soul

What Nature Brings Every day something blooms, a songbird fills the breeze with music. I wait in anticipation of the next day wondering what will nature bring? . . . A poet is someone—you, me, anyone—who writes poems. —Jerome Judson Spring oozes with opportunity to explore nature, to [...]


Bluebirds — Flocks, Party, or Tidings?

I smiled. Bluebirds splashed in delight. Among the trees and gardens of our two-acre homesite, nature provides daily lessons on the survival of the fittest, squatters' rights, and how wildlife play. We have a Bluebird house in the back, but the Sparrows moved in and Mockingbirds harass both as intruders [...]


Seasons and Life–Both Bring Change and Hope

The leaves fall. A cool breeze offers relief from the last hot days of lingering summer. Every year, without fail, we follow this cycle of change, hardly noticing the nuance of each new winter, spring, summer, and fall. Some winters come with snow (a rarity in Southeast Texas) or [...]

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