Make Yourself a Promise and See What’s Possible

I fumed after reading my doctor’s note following my annual wellness visit. “Lose weight.” His advice? Eat more protein. Been there. I’ve passed through the hallowed halls of every diet plan available. My shelves are full of books, cookbooks, gluten-free, low-calorie, no fat, no sugar, no carbs. No. No. [...]


Picture Books Are for Big Kids, Too—Try One!

Three bodies wiggled in close.  “One more, please, mommy, read one more!” The educator in me delighted in the interest my children took in the picture books we read every night—some every night. They each had a favorite. Tired from a long day, I enjoyed these quiet moments, but [...]


I’m Done! Change Is Never Easy Or All It’s Cracked Up to Be

I'm Done I’m done. I’m never going back. I’m irrevocably done. My words haunt the silence as old skin wrinkles, writhing against unwelcome habits, obsolete ways of thinking. I want to shed what no longer serves me. I need change. I am done with the past. I am done [...]


Why Do I Worry? How Many Answers Lie Lost in the Darkness?

Why Do I Worry? Why do I worry? The future frightens— full of uncertainty. Why is there so much uncertainty? I am no clairvoyant or crystal gazer clearing the dust, revealing an unknown future. Why is the future unknown? I’ve heard the past no longer exists, has no substance [...]


You Ask, “What Is It That Makes You Come Alive?”

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” — Howard Thurman Come Alive With pencil and tablet, I walk out to the pasture around grandma’s house keeping an eye open [...]


Living on the Edge in Dreams and One Day at a Time

Living on the Edge Tumbling head first off the jagged rocks into an unknown abyss feet flailing, arms reaching empty-handed into the air. I do not like the edge. Heart beats fast as sweat finds a home between skin and sheets. In the darkness, I ponder the consistent recurring [...]


Delight in Daisies, Children, Sunsets, and Never Letting Go

Delight Daisies smile leaning toward the sun as playful laughs echo in the wind. These moments of delight embrace a wounded heart. All is never lost. A spark, a hope, a gentleness clings never letting go. The scent of roses fills the air as the sun sets majestically, an [...]


Why Windows Open the Mind to Our Better Selves

Windows Open the Mind Always looking, waiting for beauty and peace of children laughing and playing, dangling feet from a swing ever ready to leap finding new adventures grey skies and blue harbor moments of insight, joy, knowing that all of life is meant to place me in the [...]

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