Three Tips That Help Adjust Your Attitude

How's your attitude? I found myself second-guessing, making assumptions, and generally chasing Don Quixote's windmills this week. Attitude: "A manner of thinking, feeling, or behaving that reflects a state of mind or disposition." I try to keep my attitude on the positive side. That comes easily most days, but [...]


Bluebirds — Flocks, Party, or Tidings?

I smiled. Bluebirds splashed in delight. Among the trees and gardens of our two-acre homesite, nature provides daily lessons on the survival of the fittest, squatters' rights, and how wildlife play. We have a Bluebird house in the back, but the Sparrows moved in and Mockingbirds harass both as intruders [...]


Wonder—A Word Worthy of a Year, Maybe More

I’m a logophile—a lover of words. Or logomaniac might better describe my lifelong obsession. Since I first uncovered the magic of the lines and scribbles that formed letters, words continually intrigue and fascinate me. Given my penchant for language, the idea of selecting words to focus my life, work, [...]

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