Life and Death in a Season, Clinging to Bits of Hope

Life and Death in a Season My walks along the garden path become a lesson in nature as green stems pierce the earth promising blooms of yellow. Every day, I measure the growth. Soon long stems emerge among the leaves. I hold my breath—wait. saffron petals face the sun [...]


Two Roses Teach a Lesson in Hopeful Patience

Two Roses Heirloom roses side-by-side flaunting fanciful frills one crimson bud stares longingly my turn not yet your flowering unfolds in time for now you wait patient breaking free  soon keep hope . . . If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it's to deliver people from the [...]


I Remember Vividly the Days of a Long Time Past

I Remember . . . I remember colored baby chicks, dying eggs, and filling baskets with plastic grass, and sometimes wildflowers, but only at the farm. I remember shopping for new white shoes, a hat, and gloves, and trips to the fabric store for yellow-dotted Swiss and white netting [...]


Shadows–Only Here a Slender Moment of Time, Gone Forever

Shadows Shadows cling to the dry grass shaping vertical lines of fences and trees. In a moment, the black stripes disappear and what was seen will fade into the blackness of the night gone, forever as the universe, and me, constantly evolve, transform,  unfold, become. . . . [...]


Blackberry Cobbler–Ripe Berries, Sugar, and a Little Love

Blackberry Cobbler My husband's favorite made with the berries from his garden. Bubbling butter forming a cinnamon crust purple juice swirling lightly, warm, and sweet. He asked for banana cream pie. But the berries were shouting from the freezer, "It's time!" That was Sunday. On Monday, nothing remained but [...]


Why Time With a Treasured Friend Can Change You

Time with a Friend a priceless gift of listening, sharing, embracing all of life's ups, downs, joy. . . . Music and poetry are transformative tools that connect us to each other and to ourselves.—Mary Pipher I learned early. Friends are not pebbles you collect and hoard in your [...]


How a Book Cover and Country Cottage Spawn a New Longing

Longing Longing for the days lost behind stone walls and trees, verdant, lonely, hidden in time waiting. Oyster stones, cold, stand strong weathering silent storms leached in the walls echoing loud the truth. Fog came, silenced the pain of words thrown out in haste lingering without consent and lost [...]

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