Life and Death in a Season

My walks along the garden path become a lesson in nature as green stems pierce the earth promising blooms of yellow. Every day, I measure the growth. Soon long stems emerge among the leaves. I hold my breath—wait.

saffron petals face
the sun glorious and free
then fade, limp, and gone

All my anticipation rewarded, I savor each buttery bloom leaning valiantly toward the rising beams of morning. One, two, three days, maybe four, and I catch the demise of one petal. The end draws closer. In desperation, I cling to the bits of life.

. . .

Poetry is all that is worth remembering in life.
—William Hazlitt

My garden reflects the cycles of nature, of life—the plants, birds, wildlife, and me.

I cling to the bits of life.

I must let go, but not today.

pink red buds blossom on a single branch with blue sky and limbs in the background. Text: Poetry centers the heart. by Kathryn LeRoy

. . .

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

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Photo:  Daffodil © Kathryn LeRoy

Poem: Haibun with a prose envelope