Insights and Reflections on Excellence

Possibilities: How Many Can You Find?

Possibilities are all around you. In Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, Alice encounters the White Queen. The Queen begins to explain how you cannot do two things at once, but the conversation takes  a different turn. Alice laughed, “There’s no use trying.” she [...]

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Make Optimism a Habit Worth Your Time

Is the habit of optimism worth your time? How can you cultivate the habit?  Will it make a difference? Optimism is the "best thing" The word optimism derives from the Latin word optimum, which means “best thing.” Optimism instills hopefulness and confidence about the future. We can hold in [...]

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How I Chose My Word of the Year and My Three Words

When I first heard about choosing a word of the year, the process reminded me of the work I was doing in strategic planning. Strategic thinking and planning, by design, should bring to the forefront what is most important.  Identifying values, articulating your purpose or mission, and looking forward [...]

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Choosing a Life of Grace, Hope, and Excellence

What will you choose? Every life has its challenges. None of us are immune from daily distractions and annoyances.  My friend, Linda, described these events as “lumps in the oatmeal.” We have a choice. Do we let the mundane, the lumps in the oatmeal, overtake us? Or, do we [...]

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Who Is the Enemy of Achieving Excellence?

On my bookshelf sits a small book with a powerful message. We sabotage excellence. Harry Paul, John Britt, and Ed Jent have given us an intriguing story in Who Kidnapped Excellence? The mystery opens with a kidnapping and a ransom note left in the administrative conference room. “We have taken [...]

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