How Do You Capture Shivers? Feeling and Seeing the Seasons

Winter Clouds mask the earth cold, wet, haze no wind Stillness shivers, hours pass no sun, shadows minutes stretch Aimlessly one after another trees stand silent guarding stillness Four blackbirds seek refuge waiting, haunting, invisible to gloom  Endless grey encompasses all while I caress winter Thoughts Where I live [...]


My Year of Reading: The Best, the Good, and the Unfinished

Some books leave us free and some books make us free.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson If you are a lover of book lists and share my obsession with collecting these lists, here’s one more to add to your collection. Last year I tried something new. In addition to selecting one [...]


How I Started Looking for Creativity in Only the Best Places

Here's the scene. Creativity in Action Two little blond-haired boys gathered out all the small metal cars, re-purposed the plastic racing rails, and spent hours in a world of their own making. As those tiny racers zipped down the track from the top bunk to the finish line padded with [...]


Wonder—A Word Worthy of a Year, Maybe More

I’m a logophile—a lover of words. Or logomaniac might better describe my lifelong obsession. Since I first uncovered the magic of the lines and scribbles that formed letters, words continually intrigue and fascinate me. Given my penchant for language, the idea of selecting words to focus my life, work, [...]


Never Give Up—You Don’t Know What Surprise Awaits

A tiny life moment gives way to hope. The Moment Never give up on children or strangely blue orchids. My son beamed as he walked into the house clutching a brilliant blue orchid. Touched by his thoughtfulness and unexpected gift, I smiled. The inky cobalt tinge on the leaves [...]

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