Insights and Reflections on Excellence

How Do You Reach Excellence? Start with Action

Quality? Excellence? World Class? Trite expressions or powerful descriptors that differentiate the ordinary from the extraordinary, good from great? You can walk into an organization or talk to someone for a few minutes and recognize the difference immediately. What questions do people ask? What do meetings reveal about collaboration, [...]

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Variation – It’s Everywhere

Variation—it is natural, cannot be eliminated, but it can be controlled Understanding variation in the context of quality has helped me to realize that we can learn from and control variation. I can recollect moments early in my career as an educator, fighting variation—wanting all the student papers to look the [...]

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10 Deming Quotes You Need for Excellence

The Wisdom of W. Edwards Deming I first heard about W. Edwards Deming in 1982 during the broadcast of the NBC White Paper, If Japan Can, Why Can’t We? I was a young mother of three, who had not formally studied quality concepts, but I recognized the wisdom in Deming’s [...]

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Bikes and Excellence: What Do They Have in Common?

There is no doubt about it — excellence is hard work It requires commitment, a goal, and most important, persistence. I was riding my bike this morning, which I could easily have been persuaded to skip. Could is the key word here. I made a commitment and set a [...]

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What Drives Data and Decision Making?

What does it mean to be data-driven? The term “data-driven decision making” has become an overused phrase in business and education. What does it really mean? Does data “drive” decisions? One of the fallacies of being “data-driven” is the assumption that it provides the answers or solutions to our [...]

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