What Happens When Sunlight, Atmosphere, and Water Meet

Sparkles danced across water holding magic. .   .   . When the sunlight glints across the water, I am always spellbound. Time and again, I’ve tried to capture the magic. Today, I held it in the lens of my camera waiting to share and feel the wonder only [...]


How I Started Looking for Creativity in Only the Best Places

Here's the scene. Creativity in Action Two little blond-haired boys gathered out all the small metal cars, re-purposed the plastic racing rails, and spent hours in a world of their own making. As those tiny racers zipped down the track from the top bunk to the finish line padded [...]


How to Expand Your Imagination and Make YOUR Art

A robin stood resolute in the brown grass. He wore his redbreast proudly, announcing his arrival to anyone who would stop to look. He stood alone, but I knew others would follow. On this cold January morning, I examined my goals written in December. The words mocked and chided [...]


The Power of Play: 3 Reasons You Should Do It Every Day

There's power in play. “Go out and play.” That’s what I wanted to hear in the past few days, weeks, well, since 2020. I wanted to let go of being an adult. For just a moment, I longed to forget about the news, responsibilities, and all the pain in [...]


The Myth of Creativity: 31 Easy Steps to Build a Powerful Habit Instead

I used to believe that creativity belonged to a privileged few. Those unicorn people who just knew what to say, how to dance, create art, or imagine a melody—all out of nothing. I believed in the myth of creativity.  The myth that creativity belongs to a privileged few obscures [...]

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