An Eagle Majestically Perched on the Dead Branch—Free

Watching from afar I wondered what the eagle perched on the dead tree could see that I could not. Never moving, only turning her head slowly to the left and right. She has come every day this week, and sometimes you can see her circling the lake searching. Then, [...]


Poetry—You Don’t Need to Fear It, Embrace It

Do you write poetry? No? What if I told you anyone can write a poem, and you should? Writing poetry doesn’t require knowing how to read or write. According to Judson Jerome poetry existed before anything we would now recognize as a written language. Ancient cave carvings hint at [...]


Vulnerability. We Fear It. But We Need It.

Vulnerability. We fear it. But we need it to press on and live a wholehearted life. Brené Brown, in Daring Greatly, defines vulnerability as "uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” The Promise I made a promise to myself. The promise involves uncertainty. It requires risk. The emotional exposure makes my [...]


How to Notice Your Surroundings: Ghosts and Ruins

Take time to notice your surroundings. You may discover mysteries in the ghosts and ruins that dot the landscapes. You pass the same signs, the same buildings, even the same people day after day. But do you really pay attention? Our world drags us along speeding past the sights [...]

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