Adopt a Kindness Habit to Make a Better World

What would it take to create a kinder world? A kindness habit could push us closer to caring for one another in spite of our differences. “Wherever there is a human being there is a chance for kindness.” Seneca Kindness “kind-ness (kīn(d)-nəs) noun: The quality or state of being [...]


Accountability: How to Stop Being a Victim

Accountability presents us with a choice to live above the line or settle for the role of victim. Where is the line between accountability and victimization? Accountability has two components: personal and shared. We focus more on the individual and miss the importance of shared accountability. How do organizations, [...]


What Happens When We Collaborate to Be Better?

When we collaborate, we all get better. Yet, our culture values individualism above all else. “I can do this. I don’t need you. I won’t depend on anyone.” You might hear a two year old proclaim indignantly, “I do it myself.” That approach appeals to us and serves as [...]


How to Notice Your Surroundings: Ghosts and Ruins

Take time to notice your surroundings. You may discover mysteries in the ghosts and ruins that dot the landscapes. You pass the same signs, the same buildings, even the same people day after day. But do you really pay attention? Our world drags us along speeding past the sights [...]


Make Optimism a Habit Worth Your Time

Is the habit of optimism worth your time? How can you cultivate the habit?  Will it make a difference? Optimism is the "best thing" The word optimism derives from the Latin word optimum, which means “best thing.” Optimism instills hopefulness and confidence about the future. We can hold in [...]


Choosing a Life of Grace, Hope, and Excellence

What will you choose? Every life has its challenges. None of us are immune from daily distractions and annoyances.  My friend, Linda, described these events as “lumps in the oatmeal.” We have a choice. Do we let the mundane, the lumps in the oatmeal, overtake us? Or, do we [...]

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