Daring Leadership for the Future Begins with You

Leadership is not someone else’s problem. In this article, I propose that the responsibility belongs to each of us. The future depends on how we model the skills and attributes of effective leadership. In a recent article, Paul Myers asked, “Do We Know How to Lead?” He posed five [...]


Managing Through Mental Models Is the Best Secret

Do you ever wonder why people refuse you to consider new ideas or accept change? A secret of good leaders will help you understand their reluctance. First, remember that an organization is a system. Managing through mental models requires a deep understanding of the system in place. All systems left [...]


Great Leaders: Are There Any Out There Now?

Great leaders share two critical characteristics: humility and will. This article explains what Jim Collins describes as Level 5 leaders He provides a glimpse of what to look for in a leader and ourselves. When Jim Collins and his team of researchers set out on a five-year journey. The focus [...]


What Happens When We Collaborate to Be Better

When we collaborate, we all get better. Yet, our culture values individualism above all else. “I can do this. I don’t need you. I won’t depend on anyone.” You might hear a two year old proclaim indignantly, “I do it myself.” That approach appeals to us and serves as [...]


Why Leadership Teams Are Important to Culture

We often forget about the role of leadership teams in building culture. Organizations, even small ones, rarely have only one leader. The CEO, president, chancellor, superintendent depend on a team of leaders to facilitate and guide people in the organization.  The Role of Leadership Teams Leadership teams have a [...]


Seven Characteristics I Look for in a Leader

My view of leaders and leadership has evolved over time. I have soaked in the philosophies and perspectives of many people. They include but are certainly not limited to Peter Drucker, W. Edwards Deming, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, Jon Kotter, Jim Collins, Dr. Seuss. And, [...]


Perspective-How to See Through the Eyes of Others

Perspective changes everything. How can we see through the eyes of others? Why would we want to? When I can stop and consider how someone else sees the problem or lack of a problem, the new view can change my perception. Perspective or perception? Let's keep this simple. Basically, [...]