Why Leadership Teams Are Important to Culture

We often forget about the role of leadership teams in building culture. Organizations, even small ones, rarely have only one leader. The CEO, president, chancellor, superintendent depend on a team of leaders to facilitate and guide people in the organization.  The Role of Leadership Teams Leadership teams have a [...]

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Three Things You Can Do to Start Leading Now

Everyone is a leader. You can start leading today. No matter where you sit in the organization, you have an influence on others.  Some of us are leaders because we hold the top position in the organization. Others are leaders because they have the capacity to draw people to [...]

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Seven Characteristics I Look for in a Leader

My view of leaders and leadership has evolved over time. I have soaked in the philosophies and perspectives of many people. They include but are certainly not limited to Peter Drucker, W. Edwards Deming, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, Jon Kotter, Jim Collins, Dr. Seuss. And, [...]

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Perspective-How to See Through the Eyes of Others

Perspective changes everything. How can we see through the eyes of others? Why would we want to? When I can stop and consider how someone else sees the problem or lack of a problem, the new view can change my perception. Perspective or perception? Let's keep this simple. Basically, [...]

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Four Revealing Ideas to Effectively Manage an Organization

To effectively manage an organization, we must first remember that it is a system. All systems left unattended will naturally find their state of disorganization. This is the principle of entropy. We could also refer to it as the “random capacity of the system.” Our problem grows . . . Most [...]

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