Finding our mission, our purpose can become daunting. Not just on a personal level, but in our professional lives.

But perhaps we make this search too difficult. Maybe we need to begin with the simple at home and at work.

Be kind to yourself and others. Let’s just start there and see how it goes.

Hope . . .

My hope—my challenge—for today lies in these words from Miguel and Jose Ruiz from The Fifth Agreement:

“The mission that you have, and the same mission is true for all of us, is to make yourself happy.

The “how “ could be a million different ways of doing what you love to do, but the mission of your life is to enjoy every single moment of your life.”

Giving up is easy. Pressing on takes courage, reflection, and forgiveness of yourself and others. You do have a purpose–embrace your life.

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

Photo: © Kathryn LeRoy