“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”
—Thich Nhat Hanh

Some people just naturally wear a smile. For the most part, I’m one of those. Even in high school, other students would comment on my smile.

I don’t think I was really aware of smiling. I certainly did not understand the impact of seeing the world through the lens of a smile.

This doesn’t mean I’m a Pollyanna, all’s right with the world every minute, type. Actually, pragmatic offers a better description.  You might call me an “optimistic realist.”

Somewhere along the way, I found that smiling could trick me into happiness when nothing in my world seemed particularly right or joy-filled. Sometimes my smile comes from a deep place of gratitude.

Other times, I just make a deliberate decision to put on my best face—and smile. The world needs more bright moments. This becomes my contribution.

The world seems to be looking for the lost art of happiness

In the past few months, I’ve seen numerous articles, tweets, and books on happiness. Is there a resurgence of hope for joy and contentment?

Eva Woods, Something Like Happy, reminded me of the power of our attitude, our gratitude, our sense of wonder to make a difference.

The stack of books on my deskBooks-to-read-KathrynLeRoy.com reflects my interest in digging deeper into the lost art of happiness and positivity.

Many of us want, no crave, happiness. Why does it seem to come so easily to some and eludes others? There is much I want to learn and share.

I’m on a quest. Want to join me?

A smile is the one thing I can give every day—to myself—and others. No cost. My heart and someone else may forget, if only for a moment, the hurt and pain that weighs us down.

Be grateful. Give what only you can share—your smile.

We might all be surprised by the influence of one set of up-turned lips.

“Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile.”
—Chinese Proverb

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

Photo: © Kathryn LeRoy