Hope drew me in.

What is hope?

Hope is what enables us to keep going in the face of adversity. It is what we desire to happen, but we must be prepared to work hard to make it so.

Sometimes we can’t take action on our hope. Think of Nelson Mandela or Viktor Frankel, who lived behind prison walls but held staunchly to hope.

Give me four good reasons I should hope.

Reason 1: The Amazing Human Intellect

Doug: “What exactly do you mean by the human intellect?”

Jane: “The part of the brain that reasons and solves problems.”

Reason 2: The Resilience of Nature

Doug: “Jane, you say the resilience of nature gives you hope — why?”

Jane: “I think I can answer your question best with a story.”

Reason 3: The Power of Young People

Doug: “How did you start working with young people?”

Jane: “As I began traveling around the world, raising awareness about the environmental crisis, I met young people on all continents who were apathetic and disengaged, or angry and violent, or deeply depressed. I began talking to them and they all said more or less the same thing: ‘We feel this way because our future has been compromised, and there’s nothing we can do about it.’”

Reason 4: The Indomitable Human Spirit

Doug: “What do you mean by the indomitable human spirit…and why does it give you hope?”

Jane: “It’s that quality in us that makes us tackle what seems impossible and never give up.”

The journey has not ended.

Dr. Jane Goodall in a black turtleneck sweater and colorful jacket holding her toy monkey, Mr. H who travels with her

Jane’s Call to Action

“Please, please rise to the challenge, inspire and help those around you,
play your part. Find your reasons for hope and let them guide you onward.”

Together we CAN! Together we WILL!

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

Photos: Dark Times © Kathryn LeRoy; Jane Goodall is holding her toy monkey “Mr. H” at Wikipedia Commons