Clouds mask the earth
cold, wet, haze
no wind

Stillness shivers, hours pass
no sun, shadows
minutes stretch

Aimlessly one after another
trees stand silent
guarding stillness

Four blackbirds seek refuge
waiting, haunting, invisible
to gloom 

Endless grey encompasses all
while I caress


Where I live snow rarely falls. Winter doesn’t bring piles of fluff, ice, or blizzards. Instead, we face endless gray days, cold and dreary. Even the birds hide to escape the dismal landscape.

But the brown, faded greens of frost-bit leaves will soon give way to blue skies, songbirds, greens, and buds of every hue.

I wait in anticipation.

Merril D Smith at dVerse Poet’s Pub challenged writers to use shiver–or some form of the word—in a poem of exactly 44 words.

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

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Photo: “Trees Shiver” by Kathryn A. LeRoy