To reach excellence, start looking at the actions in the organization.

Quality? Excellence? World Class?

Trite expressions or powerful descriptors that differentiate the ordinary from the extraordinary, good from great?

You can walk into an organization or talk to someone for a few minutes and recognize the difference immediately. What questions do people ask? What do meetings reveal about collaboration, decision-making, and the interactions between and among leaders? In Transforming Organizations: One Process at a Time, I describe simple processes and tools that can help leaders take the first critical steps toward excellence.

Where is the silver bullet?

No single “silver bullet” exists to transform an organization or a person. What I find most often is a leader or an individual who is fearless, tenacious, and passionate about excellence. Leaders know what it looks like. They plan for it. Leaders stay the course.

My vision is “Excellence: every day, everywhere, for everyone.”  In the words of Jim Collins and Jerry Porras (Built to Last), that is a big hairy audacious goal, but not impossible.

How do you define and differentiate excellence?

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.


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And always—be and become #yourbest.

December 15, 2017