Everyone is a leader. You can start leading today. No matter where you sit in the organization, you have an influence on others. 

Some of us are leaders because we hold the top position in the organization. Others are leaders because they have the capacity to draw people to them.  

We can influence positively through our expertise or by our ability to have empathy and compassion.  Influence can also breed contempt and apathy. 

Many of us have a keen sense of what others need. We coach or mentor our colleagues. 

Excellence only flourishes when we have positive influential leaders at every level.

Three things you can do today . . .

  1. Create clarity
  2. Remove the barriers, no matter how small
  3. Give us a picture of the future worth our efforts and commitment

“Real leadership is not about authority, control, or giving orders. It’s not about titles or executive benefits. Leadership is about taking the initiative to do a job in a more efficient way or a better way, treating others with respect and compassion, and thinking of ways to be helpful. A leader is someone who is confident of her or his abilities and freely expresses that confidence—not in arrogance, but in humility.”

Sister Mary Jane Ryan in On Becoming Exceptional

We need leaders when the going gets tough, and the challenges become so burdensome that we cannot move forward. When we wait for others to lead, we can get stuck repeating what we do and expecting something different to occur.  

Let change begin with you and your leadership. We need you.

Send me a note or share these ideas with others. And always—be and become #yourbest.