The leaves fall. A cool breeze offers relief from the last hot days of lingering summer.

Every year, without fail, we follow this cycle of change, hardly noticing the nuance of each new winter, spring, summer, and fall. Some winters come with snow (a rarity in Southeast Texas) or temperatures so mild that winter coats never leave the closet.

As constant and predictable as the seasons seem, each brings changes—some small, others more threatening to our future.

Most of us want our lives to resemble the seasons. Our days flow one after another, predictable, safe, and full of the daily routines that offer security and a sense of stability.

Life doesn’t always follow the certainty of the seasons. We don’t remain children forever. We grow up. Every step of the way, we encounter new choices, challenges, and opportunities.

The sameness of our days can root us in the past. We stop looking for new adventures and settle into a daily rhythm or the less flattering term—a rut. We want the world to stop turning, stop changing, and just let us be.

But it doesn’t work that way. The world, and our lives, constantly change.

I thrive on change. Not necessarily major, life-altering disruptions, because I’ve had a few of those—and survived. Instead, I like the type of change that brings personal growth and creativity.

I search for new writers, music, and ideas or revisit my old standbys to discover new insights. My days may hold the same routines and habits, but as the seasons, each one looks slightly different.

In the process, I change yet remain the same. This paradox of constants and transformation may seem imperceptible.

Nothing escapes the inevitability of change —even the seasons.

Goodbye October—Hello November

Inspiring Ideas

In this post, I offer 25 encouraging quotes for change.

Ani Alexander identified ten powerful benefits of change and opened her list with this reminder, ”We are often resistant to change, and we don’t realize that change itself is constant.”

To everything, there is a season and change. Listen to Turn, Turn Turn by The Byrds.

Inspiring Words

“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”
—Giuseppe di Lampedusa

The orange glow of the sunset hovers at the horizon with deep grayish-blue sky above and the shadow of the trees in the foreground

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

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Photos: Kathryn LeRoy