I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – too?”
—Emily Dickinson

Who am I?

I sat on a zoom call of unlikely poets. Analysts, field inspectors, payroll, and human resource professionals from different departments of a state agency gathered together with only one purpose.

Each came with a desire to understand the mystery of forming words into creative expression. The director, poet extraordinaire, turned teacher, gave space in the workday to tap into the voices others might consider lacking in potential for such an endeavor.

With ease and gentleness, this imaginative leader guided us into a sea of images, sounds, feelings, and words to answer the question, “Who am I?”

At the end of an hour, seven brave souls, most of whom had never written a poem since their school days, held prose poems that told their stories.

I participated as a guest and enjoyed not only the inspiration but the wonder of how simple prompts and idea building elicits beautiful, heartful prose from seasoned and novice creators. Most of all, I loved the name of the class—Good Enough Writers.

We are all good enough, and often, better than we think.

. . .

I Am . . .

I am a poet capturing life in words and images.
Like the keys on the piano, I am a melody
echoing notes and searching for hope in
Für Elise.
I am writing, imagining—all the people living for
today so all the world can
become one.
I am hands holding the warmth of love and friendship
creating plays that mirror spring, childhood,
joys, life’s fears in the edgy dark, but
ever hopeful,
I am.
I am overflowing with language written in Palatino Linotype
or scribbled in pencil on this page.
The words rush through my heart and soul because
I am the wind and sun and beauty of the world
flying by.
I am that bicycle carrying dreams and flying
through life always seeking wonder, eyes focused,
mind flung open wide.
I am.


. . .

My sincere thanks to my fellow writers and their daring leader for his vulnerability and wisdom in nurturing a little used asset in business—creativity.

Pick up your pen, dust off the keyboard, and never forget, “Your words matter.”

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

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Photo Credit: Kathryn LeRoy