Welcome to Part II, 30 Days of 30 Poems

Year after year, I started with good intentions to complete 30 poems in April. I haven’t accomplished that goal, yet…

Perhaps—2022 is the year!

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You can find Part I  of my 30 days of 30 poems here.

April 30, 2022

Reflection of trees and the sun on a lake in tones of grey, black and white

.    .    .

April 29, 2022

green grasses with reddish orange wildflowers swaying in the breeze with a haiku written in the upper left corner: Insignificant blowing softly in the wind summer’s hope returns

.    .    .

April 28, 2022

black and white photo of the setting sun over the ocean with a small boat in the left bottom and a palm frond reading over the scene in the upper right

.    .    .

April 27, 2022

dark storm clouds with lightening and the setting sun visible on the horizon

.    .    .

April 26, 2022

brown background with a haiku and a photo of a tree trunk with a large knothole in the center

.    .    .

April 25, 2022

a full moon leaks through the night clouds and the shadow of trees to the left and a haiku written in the upper left corner

.    .    .

April 24, 2022

reflection of the village houses along the Main River with bright blue water and lighter blue sky with wispy white clouds

.    .    .

April 23, 2022

haiga-a haiku poem with a photograph of a mountain path, mountains in the background and white clouds against a blue sky

As we roll into the last days of National Poetry Month and the National Poetry Writing Month challenge, I’ve chosen to focus on the Japanese haiga.

Hagia combines haiku with artwork, and in contemporary haiga, this may include photographs.

.    .    .

April 22, 2022

Song of the Earth

The earth speaks.dark pink magnolia blooms in the foreground with the sun piercing through the branches of the bush and trees with a patch of blue sky in the background
I listen.
The wind
calls my name.
The sky explodes
in colors.
The sun casts
shadows through
tree limbs.
I marvel
and wonder
at all
the beauty.
A small brown
rabbit rustles
under the leaves
for me
to leave.
All this
in a single
walk down
my garden path.
The earth
knew how much
I needed
a  simple
of how
all of us

.    .    .

April 21, 2022


Two persistent barn swallows decided one day
to construct their brood’s bassinet smack in my way.
I tried to dissuade the most persistent pair
by shouting and flailing my arms through the air.
It’s the end of the day, and we’re still wondering who goes and who will stay.

.    .    .

April 20, 2022

The Unexpected

two red roses with one hidden behind a leaf

Twice in a blue moon
not once but doubled
she came without warning
and never expected
me to see her open
a tiny bud hidden
behind the leaves waiting
for someone to notice
one blossom unexpected
twice in a blue moon.


Find more poetic inspiration on d”Verse with thanks to Merril for today’s prompt.

.    .    .

April 19, 2022

sunset sky with gold, orange, coral, blue, indigo cloud layers with two trees in the foreground

Glorious Sky

for the
moment when
nature turns to
show the colors kept
hidden in the clouds and
light beyond what eyes see or
artists imagine as silent
particles leap in place to reveal
the fleeting spectacle—glorious sky.

.    .    .

April 18, 202

We All Have Answers
(but what is the question?)

One by one
I tried
to understand

the question
and the answers
in the book.


Some days
strong, others wavering,
listless in the wind

until I feel


I press on
not because
I must

but if I don’t
nothing is left
to wonder.


Some say
others many.

Perhaps the birds
can tell tell
you more.


I’d rather

knowing that
to breathe
is life.

sunrise over the mountains with the sun's rays streaming through the clouds

The prompt for today’s poem comes courtesy of Maureen Thurson’s NaPoWriMo2022 and “is based on Faisal Mohyuddin’s poem ‘Five Answers to the Same Question.’ Today, I’d like to challenge you to write your own poem that provides five answers to the same question – without ever specifically identifying the question that is being answered.”

.    .    .

April 17, 2022

Around the Table

Faces around the table
the same but changed
every life a story,
adventures, challenges, and joys
laughter, tears, warm embraces
hold time gently
as the days and years escape
but the faces around the table—
stay suspended, caressed by memories.


I cherish those moments when my family sits around the table. Sometimes a celebration draws us all together, and other times chance and circumstance align to create a moment of togetherness. I never take for granted those moments. Each is a treasure—my life is whole.

.    .    .

April 16, 202

I wrote this poem on April 21, 1982. My faith and sense of spirituality have evolved in forty years. Life’s events shook my core, and I began to question, doubt, to lose trust in man’s religions. I keep searching, wondering where the truth of our existence resides.

Some days, I think I’ve closed the door on those old beliefs, but they continue to tug at my soul. I believe in the wonder of this universe and the mysterious connections that bind us with nature and one another. 

Whatever your beliefs, what matters is how we live together with empathy and compassion as humankind.

How Much Must I Give?

A man, God, died for us
gave up His life
for you, for me.
What greater love?

Sometimes I think I know
all about love,
because I do love.
I try not to let
love be just words or
mere talk, but something
real and active.

But then, this man, Jesus,
tells me to lay down
my life for all others.
What…me…die…for you?
Surely there is some
mistake. I did not
hear correctly, Lord.
Give up the places
of honor—
deny the pleasures
of my heart—take a back seat?

His answer is always
and unequivocally the
“Yes, my child, deny
your very self,
Lay down your life,
And you shall find joy.”

And I’ve seen it happen.
Put others first, give up the last piece of pie—happy
not because I didn’t,
want it, but because
I loved.

It really is so easy
and yet terribly hard,
painful, humbling,

I cannot always give what you
want from me because
sometimes I don’t even
know your need
(or if you even need me).

Jesus knew His friends,
comforted them, taught
them, healed their wounds.
Oh, that I had those
eyes to see your hurts,
to understand, to know.

I fall short of the goal.
I’m jealous.
I’m proud, stubborn—
I fail.

But then Jesus knew
all along that I would,
without Him.
Die? Yes, I will
die for you, because
He died for us
that we might
know the joy of
love that only
comes when we give

A three paned window with a window box of blooming flowers and in the the center window in a tall glass vase

.    .    .

April 15, 2022

a single yellow iris with a blurred background of green leaves

Golden iris sways
carefree with no thoughts or fear
blessing the earth—grace.

.    .    .