Leaves can teach us how to do it better. Nature never mourns or complains about the cycle of life from seed, to bud, to blooms, to decay, and back around again.

Humans, including this one, struggle with the letting go. For everything, there is a season.

I find myself in another one of those seasons of life as grandchildren go off to college beginning lives of their own. I must let go of playing by the lake, snuggling for a story, watching baseball games, cheerleading, and band and dance performances.

Their parents must learn the sting of letting go, too. Me? I’ve done this before.

I can’t say it is easier, just different. But as my granddaughter reminds me, “We still have many memories to make.”

Yes. Yes, we do. Until the time for letting go, I will hold on to enjoying every lovely moment.

. . .

Holding On and Letting Go

The earth holds its breath.
Ashen skies refuse the light
while rain lingers,
fingers slowly slipping
from the grip of unknown forces.

I hold my breath
waiting for something unseen.
The hours deny the truth of what comes next
in a life spent clinging
for the next day and the one after that.

Finally, clouds break open
as droplets evaporate along
with the fear gripping an aging heart.
Today, now, sun, birds, flowers, life—
I let go, breathe out, clutching all while I can.

. . .

A grandfather, followed by two grandchildren, a girl and a boy, walk down a forest path with dappled light shining through the trees

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

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Photos: Dirt Roads and Light, Walking in the Woods © Kathryn LeRoy