Facing change efforts—large or small—can be overwhelming.

Individuals, companies, schools—we all need a little inspiration and encouragement to press on.  Here are a few thoughts to consider if you are leading a change effort. 

How to be present . . .

Tiffany Delmore suggests actions leaders should take on how to be present for your employees in times of change. 

  1. Achieve transparency through storytelling. This includes helping people by connecting the dots–give them the big picture.
  2. Walk one step farther with your team. Explain why this change now and provide support.
  3. Act on empathy-driven insights. Take time to understand more fully how the change will impact daily lives and work.

Moments matter . . .

In The Power of Moments, Chip and Dan Heath explain how we can shape moments to make them memorable. How can shaping moments ease the transition of change?

“Executives who are leading change should be deliberate about creating peaks that demarcate the shift from the ‘old way’ to the ‘new way.’ The heart of change, after all, is the need to break the script.”

Believing in change . . .

Everyone wants to improve, do their best work. But no one really wants to change. Ed Catmull discovered this following the merger of Pixar Animation and Disney Studios.

“Fear of change–innate, stubborn, and resistant to reason–is a powerful force. In many ways, it reminded me of Musical Chairs: We cling as long as possible to the perceived ‘safe’ place that we already know, refusing to loosen our grip until we feel sure another safe place awaits.”

If you are embarking on any kind of change, large or small, consider these questions:

How are you shaping the story?

What is your role in supporting the team?

Do you understand what people need to transition from the old to the new?

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.