As a child I loved dot-to-dot games. Seeing the image revealed by connecting the dots held a magic that I cannot explain. I’ve consistently used the metaphor of connecting the dots to learn, to understand, to see with new eyes.

Connecting the dots in life…

Our families, schools, business, the world contain a myriad of dots—systems and processes. To make sense of the world we are constantly trying to connect dots.

Language begins with connecting words to things and eventually more abstract concepts and ideas.

As we learn those more complex concepts, our brain naturally searches for something that we already know. We connect the known to the unknown.

Importance of connecting . . .

We forget this notion of making connections. Instead, we create silos in our homes, communities, and workplaces. I have my dots. You have your dots.

Nature doesn’t work that way. Humans can’t work that way. What happens in our human body when organs stop doing their job of connecting our blood to other vital parts? If predators become extinct and other animals or parasites take over, what can happen? Where do we find ourselves when departments work in silos?

We know the answer to all of these questions. Illness. Disaster. Toxic cultures.

Connecting for meaning. . .

In our knowledge worker society, making meaning of our knowledge becomes dependent on how we make meaningful connections. Connections that foster learning, creativity, and understanding diverse perspectives.

Hugh MacLeod, the cartoonist, has captured this concept artfully in this drawing. His simple illustration reminds us that having bits and pieces of information is only that. Bits and pieces floating around in space.

Not until we begin to make connections across these bits of stuff can we formulate ideas and gain the knowledge to see differently, to make decisions, to create something new.

Our world needs our willingness to create knowledge. When we try to make decisions based on isolated data points or snatches of opinion, the results are tenuous at best.

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