Are you there? I am waiting.

. . .

Lying in the grass, she gazed at the sky wondering how the clouds knew which way to go. Where did their journey begin, and why did some form puffy mounds of white while others barely streaked across the blue horizon?

My fascination with clouds began as a small child. Some days, I welcomed imaginary friends. Fear gripped my small bones as frightening shapes formed making me shut my eyes tight willing them to disappear.

The number of cloud photos in my collection reveals an unbridled obsession with the sky and all its wonders. Whatever my mood or the circumstances, I know revelations await.

On the day of this photograph, the sun forced glowing rays through the clouds demanding the last word. I listened.

Revelations are found in clouds.”
— Serge King

. . .

In response to the 6-Word Prompt, Clouds, from Mary Chang Story Writer

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

Photo: “Hello Clouds” ©Kathryn LeRoy