Don’t give up. You never know what lies within a broken system or a broken heart.

On Mother’s day, my oldest son brought me a blue orchid for Mother’s Day. He knows I love blue, or it might have been the only one left. Who knows. It is the thought and gesture that counts.

We all marveled at this orchid because it was obviously dyed blue in the greenhouse. You could see the blue tinge on the leaves. That didn’t matter. It was pretty, and it reminded me that I was loved.

Like most hot house plants, I expected this one to go the way of most other orchids, cyclamen, and delicate plants I had received over the years. Give me a good hardy ivy any day.

Eventually, the blooms fell away. Only the green leaves remained. For some reason, I didn’t want to give up on this one.

The almost lifeless plant remained tucked away on the bathroom window sill. I watered it occasionally. Cut off unruly air roots. And waited.

Normally, I would have just thrown the darn thing out. But this time, I could never quite give up on it wondering if it really was blue.

Over a year later, the first sign of buds gave way to beautiful white blooms—a totally unexpected surprise for the new year.

I had been thinking about how we inspire one another and chosen my three words: kindness, optimism, and possibility.

Was there a lesson to be found here?

Kindness keeps hope (optimism) alive. If I had given up, look what I would have missed. Possibility waits.

The store clerk who looks angry, distressed may just need a kind word.

Our colleague in the next cubicle may have given up on herself and her dreams.

The child sitting alone, lost in his thoughts, feeling abandoned and worthless, just needs someone to believe in him. To care. To have hope.

There is nothing particularly profound here, only a simple message, a quiet reminder that we all have the power see possibilities and never give up on ourselves or others.

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

One small gesture. One quiet word. These can change the world.

What will you not give up on today?

Send me a note or share these ideas with others. And always—be and become #yourbest.

And always—

Be kind. Be brave. Be you.

Photo: © Kathryn LeRoy