Illumination is more than a publication on the writing platform, Medium. It is a community.

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead

Have you ever had the good fortune to belong to a group of high-performing, generous individuals?

If you have, the quote by Margaret Mead rings true to you. If not, allow me to describe the characteristics. I will use the community of writers in the Medium publication, Illumination. You won’t find it today because Medium disabled the link.Since mid-March, I have submitted articles to Illumination. Since then, I have found a

“tribe of like-minded, loving and worthy people” — Muhammad Zunair

The Value of Transparency and Communication

For myself, I appreciated that Dr. Mehmet Yildiz listed (tagged) the writers and editors when he sent his daily articles on the progress of the community. This daily listing kept me up to date on new writers. I used the list to follow and read others. This simple strategy helped my find and connect to many writers I would not have found.

Four core values defined the Illumination publication. Having spent years helping organizations and individuals recognize and identify values, these four aligned to what I hoped to discover in this publication and among the writers.


Yes, I found writers, but others also found me. They responded to my writing and gave encouragement. People shared how what I wrote inspired them. Their reflections inspired me to search my heart for what only I could give to help you be and become your best.

A diverse and eclectic group of caring people pushed me out of my comfort zone to see and be more than I imagined. You don’t find that every day. High-performing teams work best with diverse thought and beliefs. You avoid echo chambers that occur when everyone thinks only one way.


Ongoing dialogue and authentic sharing of ideas creates an energy, an enthusiasm that spawns innovation. High-performing teams, as Margaret Mead points out, can change the world.

The writers of Illumination challenged each other to think and to write. Many would leave ideas for your next article in their responses. I found myself thinking, “Wow, I never thought of that!”


Through the eyes of a systems thinker, I viewed these values as interrelated concepts that strengthened the momentum of our collective writing. Each writer brought their unique voice, experiences, and expertise.

Mutual respect for this freedom of thought created a culture that valued opinions different from our own. A rarity in this partisoned and divided world we currently inhabit.


The first challenge Dr. Yildiz tossed out to this new group of writers centered on the power of serendipity. The chance of events occuring in unexpected, but beneficial ways.

His challenge:

For the next ten days, read ten articles from ILLUMINATION on each day. For these ten articles, highlight key points, leave one supportive comment, clap the article, share it in your social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Then, follow ten new writers randomly leaving traces on their work of art.

What happened when I took the challenge seriously? I discovered a generous, supportive community that valued each writer on their own merit.

Before this, I had been searching for a writing group and tried several. For the most part, I did not experience any reciprocity of effort. I didn’t see a community. I saw individuals largely promoting their own work.

Open the Door

Over three hundred writers and readers, stand waiting. We wait for Medium Staff to open the door to the Illumination publication, its founder, Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, and to our writers. I am waiting

with gratitude…

an open door into a sunny room

Send me a note. Share with others. Get more at Inspiring #yourbest.

And always—be and become #yourbest.

April 24, 2020