Four Revealing Ideas to Effectively Manage an Organization

To effectively manage an organization, we must first remember that it is a system. All systems left unattended will naturally find their state of disorganization. This is the principle of entropy. We could also refer to it as the “random capacity of the system.” Our problem grows . . . Most [...]


Connecting the Dots to Improve Your Perspective

As a child I loved dot-to-dot games. Seeing the image revealed by connecting the dots held a magic that I cannot explain. I’ve consistently used the metaphor of connecting the dots to learn, to understand, to see with new eyes. Connecting the dots in life... Our families, schools, business, [...]


Three Actions of a Systems Thinker

What does it mean to be a "systems" thinker? “List everything you see in the room.” So began our study of systems thinking. We listed things, lots of things we saw in the university classroom with only a few references to relationships and people. Each of us shared our observations. [...]