Kindness Thoughts: Inspiring Ideas To Be Your Best

A few thoughts on kindness to uplift and inspire you to be your best. For years, I have hoarded quotes on small slips of paper, in journals, and now in a spreadsheet. I find them in articles, books, poems, podcasts, and occasionally, conversations. Something about the shape and formation [...]


This Is What Happens When You Set an Intention

When we set an intention, we take the first step. But, it's only one step. The yoga teacher welcomes the student—me—to the mat. Gently and with compassion thanking me for showing up today. Coming to the mat requires commitment. As I settle in cross-legged and begin to breathe, she [...]


Moving to Minimalism: The Most Important Question

Minimalism is more than the absence of possessions. It is about choices. “To be free from suffering, free yourself from attachments.” Buddha A Lesson Minimalism taught me that I did not need a bag of potting soil— not now. It could wait. How long? A week, maybe two—or not [...]