How I Chose My Word of the Year and My Three Words

When I first heard about choosing a word of the year, the process reminded me of the work I was doing in strategic planning. Strategic thinking and planning, by design, should bring to the forefront what is most important.  Identifying values, articulating your purpose or mission, and looking forward [...]

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Who Is the Enemy of Achieving Excellence?

On my bookshelf sits a small book with a powerful message. We sabotage excellence. Harry Paul, John Britt, and Ed Jent have given us an intriguing story in Who Kidnapped Excellence? The mystery opens with a kidnapping and a ransom note left in the administrative conference room. “We have taken [...]

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Three Thoughts to Inspire Your Change Effort

Facing change efforts—large or small—can be overwhelming. Individuals, companies, schools—we all need a little inspiration and encouragement to press on.  Here are a few thoughts to consider if you are leading a change effort.  How to be present . . . Tiffany Delmore suggests actions leaders should take on [...]

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Can We Keep from Going Back to the Status Quo?

"I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then." Alice in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) Holding on to the way things are or have always been just feeds the status quo.  Striving for better inherently implies that something must change. We struggle to dislocate [...]

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What If We Built Kindness into Companies?

What if?  What if we built workplaces, one process at a time, that allowed us to do many excellent things? How could instilling respect and kindness make a difference in what we do each day? I often try to imagine that workplace. Fortunately, I have worked in some of those [...]

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Four Revealing Ideas to Effectively Manage an Organization

To effectively manage an organization, we must first remember that it is a system. All systems left unattended will naturally find their state of disorganization. This is the principle of entropy. We could also refer to it as the “random capacity of the system.” Our problem grows . . . Most [...]

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