3 Thoughts About How We Move Into an Uncertain Future

When will I wake up from this nightmare? Little did I realize in March that we would end 2020 still masked and isolated from those we love. Many have lost more than time and favorite activities. In the US, Over 300,000 to date lost their lives. As the first [...]


How Perfectionism Protects, Keeping Me Safe

 It’s time to come out of hiding and face the truth. Perfectionism Protects Perfectionism is a defense mechanism. For years, I viewed my tendency for perfectionism as an asset. Who doesn’t want to do everything with excellence and strive for the best? In reality, perfectionism held me back, blinding [...]


The Power of Play: 3 Reasons You Should Do It Every Day

There's power in play. “Go out and play.” That’s what I wanted to hear in the past few days, weeks, well, most of 2020. I wanted to let go of being an adult. For just a moment, I longed to forget about the news, responsibilities, and all the pain [...]


The Myth of Creativity: 31 Easy Steps to Build a Powerful Habit Instead

I used to believe that creativity belonged to a privileged few. Those unicorn people who just knew what to say, how to dance, create art, or imagine a melody—all out of nothing. I believed in the myth of creativity.  The myth that creativity belongs to a privileged few obscures [...]


How I Chose My Best Word for Life Plus One for Every Year

Can one word make a difference? I believe it can. What’s your word? My what, you say? Your word. I first heard about choosing a word for the year from Chris Brogan who recommends identifying three words.  Chris’s three-word idea is simple. Choose 3 words (not 1, not 4) [...]


5 Simple Rules for Living an Ethical Life

Making the right choices requires a different kind of intelligence.  Build an ethical life.  Do you know your ethical intelligence? You can find quite a bit on emotional intelligence in articles and from Daniel Goldman. Remember the seven types of intelligence described by Howard Gardner? In today’s world, I would argue that [...]


How Living in the Moment Softens the Pain of Lost Memories

The memories still hung like strands of gossamer, but for how long? I don’t know the exact day and time when she took the first step to leave. Too many other distractions and family drama clouded the scene. Most days, I try not to dwell on the last years [...]


Customer Service: When It’s Good It’s Very Good, But When It’s Bad . . .

Some days I wonder if customer service has become a lost art. The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow nursery rhyme captures my thoughts about customer service. "When she was good, she was very good indeed, But when she was bad, she was horrid.” When customer service is good, it is very [...]

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